Pasos para desarrollar y mantener una buena relación: 3) Apertura para una relación

La Dra. Ana Nogales te da los pasos para encontrar una relación de pareja perfecta.
Dra. Ana Nogales | Octubre 19 de 2014
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1 R9wtwr6ir | hace 2 años I posted a long while back about hivnag random screaming rants while i was driving, and wondering if it was normal. lol!the best way to find a safe counseling therapist is to consult your local mental health (misnomer: should be emotional health) referral service and specifically ask for counseling therapists who specialize in post traumatic stress disorder, domestic violence/abuse, and surviving sociopathic relationships. a good, nononsense counselor will not mince words or cause their clients to feel as if they somehow brought their angst on of their own accord. they will speak plainly, honestly, and truthfully sometimes, a client may interpret their words as being harsh, but our experiences require serious examination for us to set our feet upon our own healing paths. a good counselor will also provide tools and techniques to manage our rage and anger yes, we have every right to be furious, and yes, there are very healthy and proactive ways to express that anger without harming ours... Responder
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