Ana María Canseco te saluda desde la muralla china

Échate Pa’Cá | Septiembre 3 de 2014
La conductora de Échate Pa' Cá te manda saludos desde sus deliciosas vacaciones.
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1 Pqyxjvnmi | hace 2 años He had title, the ejido said no, they had title, signedby a then prsendeit, and had tax records as well. the developer(whose last name is villalobos house of the wolves can you believeit? ) who wanted to build a luxury hotel complex, found a judge whoagreed with him, and with the help of state police, he violentlyevicted all the people who lived there, or had palapa restaurants orstores. the buildings were bulldozed. he put up a fence around theland, patrolled by guards, in violation of mexican law. this being abeautiful beach with great snorkeling, and with one of the fewremaining free rv campgrounds, right on the beach. well, it went tocourt, and, after much delay, in a series of legal decisions, it nowlooks like the developer has lost everything, and will have to returnthe beach back to the previous state! the judge who made the originaldecision was found to not have the legal authority to do so, and hethe wolf has never paid taxes on the land he claimed to own. seepacific coast for... Responder
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